Windows 8 Hackathon & More

This event sponsored by TelAPI, Microsoft, & Alienware During the Windows 8 hackathon, attendees will have an opportunity to build and work on their Windows 8 Store applications in an open developer environment. If you have an existing app for iOS or Android or other platforms and want to port them, please bring them. There will be a secret rule announced the day of, of things you need to include in your app, but aside from that you are welcome to start your apps in advance. Windows 8 development experts will be on hand to answer questions and help access resources further the attendees development efforts. At the end of the day, attendees will present their Windows 8 Application creations to a panel of judges for a chance to win a Windows 8 Slate device, as well as other prizes. Want to get going now? Hit . TelAPI docs: Microsoft will be giving away a Windows 8 Slate. TelAPI will be providing prizes for the best implementation of their API for SMS/Voice. Every participant will automatically get $25 in TelAPI credit. Top prizes will be several hundred $ of Amazon gift cards. Other prizes to be announced soon. The event will be an all day thing, from 9AM to 6PM. Food will be provided for breakfast (coffee/bagels), lunch, and snacks. The event is at Pipeline in brickell. Parking is $7/hr in the garage, or you can park on the street for $1.25/hr, or metro rail is a block and a half away. There may be flat rate all day parking in nearby lots as well. For more info click here